L01 Memory

  • Does anything need to be done to "enabled" the extended RAM on the L01 with firmware v1.8.0.b1? Or am I not going about measuring it properly?

    I get the following response to micropython.mem_info():

    stack: 768 out of 7168
    GC: total: 67008, used: 8896, free: 58112
     No. of 1-blocks: 43, 2-blocks: 10, max blk sz: 384, max free sz: 3541

    What exactly is this telling me? What is the "units" of the items on the GC line?

  • @eric24 You have to use the recent firmware. The extended RAM is supported from 1.10.0.b1 on.

  • @eric24 That's the heap memory ... GC means kind of garbage collected.
    There's a total of 67k of heap memory and almost 9k are used.
    The heap memory in Python - this is like the RAM that your program might use dynamically.

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