Can't transfer files on home WiFi

  • I'm using FileZilla to transfer files to the WiPy 2.0. When I boot in safe mode and connect to the board WiFi, it works perfectly.
    In normal mode I have the WiPy connect to my home WiFi instead, which works good with telnet, and FileZilla can connect to it and list the files. But if I try to transfer a file, FileZilla just timeouts and keeps retrying without any success.

    I've tried this on two separate boards and with firmwares 1.7.8.b1 and 1.8.0.b1.
    It was working a couple of weeks ago, and I really can't figure out what's changed since then, the WiFi connection script have stayed untouched between it working and not. And since telnet and file listing is working, I don't see how the WiFi connection could be the problem.

    Any ideas?

  • @robert-hh Number of concurrent transfers didn't make any difference. But the command line seem to work, and more importantly for me, it works from python with ftplib.
    I'll just stop using filezilla...

  • @sesamproductions Have you set the number of concurrent transfers to 1?
    You could also try with Mac or Linux command line ftp. Do nto forget to set passive mode, e.g. by calling with ftp -p ip_address

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