Pymakr Atom - Download feature & multi project support [beta]

  • Hi Pymakr users. We're working on a few new features in the Atom plugin and we're looking for some input from regular Pymakr users. These are the main changes:

    • Download files
      'Sync' has been split into 'upload' and 'download'. The download button can now be used to receive the files that are on your board instead and write them into your project. This way we hope to avoid you ever have to switch to ftp.

    • Multi project support
      The selected project in the left navigation now reflects in the pymakr terminal, instead of it always fetching the top project in the list.

    I'm especially interested in knowing if these new features, UI changes and switching between projects fit your workflow and feel natural.

    So if anyone is interested and wants to try it, please download it from the develop branch and do a manual install with this code. Post your feedback in the comments!

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    PS It's only been tested on mac so far and there is one known bug: Upload/Download doesn't work over IP yet with this new code, so stick to serial connections for now.

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