LoPy as a gateway send packet under TCP/IP

  • Hello guys,
    I am a now study LoPy and LoRa and I want to achieve an extension of server and client communicate using LoRa. The controlling PC able to send a packet of message to the client PC via LoRa. So this will achieve a long distance communicate using TCP/IP.
    Anyone can give some example or similar project like this.

  • @150716t

    The duty cycle / dwelling time restrictions on sub-1Ghz LoRa frequencies don’t usually (for most contries) support using it for TCP/IP traffic. Also you can have very long transmission times (over 1 second) at higher spreading factors which don’t work well with TCP/IP.

    So really LoRa is meant to exchange short messages. You can however take the received messages, frame into TCP/IP and forward them over WiFi if you wish, just don’t recommend running TCP over LoRa itself.


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