Pysense pressure/Altitude odd readings

  • Hello,

    As I tried to read both the altitude and the pressure from the Pysense, I notice these are not correct.
    Just the pressure reads:
    0_1508185987396_Image 1.PNG
    which is plausable at the moment.

    Just the height: 0_1508186074559_Image 2.PNG
    which is totally wrong (I know I'm in the Netherlands, but it is not the underworld)

    Reading both ( altitude instantiated first) pressure plausible, hight just 25km off
    0_1508186281838_Image 3.PNG
    code: 0_1508186363126_Image 3a.PNG
    and last the other way around:
    0_1508186480224_Image 4.PNG
    0_1508186500168_Image 4b.PNG
    Pressure is more then double the correct value, Altitude is back far below sealevel.

    My questions:
    Is it not possible to read both values this way?
    Do I have to correct the hight in some way (for that is wrong in all cases)?

    Kind regards,

  • I found out that like below, the results are plausible.
    No clue why the above mentioned way does not work, but at least this is a workaround.

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