Pymakr in Atom: "No Project" after adding to github

  • Hello,

    Working on my Mac with the Atom pymakr plugin has been working fine the last week. I then moved the project to a github repository and cloned it on my Windows 10 PC at home today. I updated the conf file to have the correct serial port (now that I'm on windows), but can't sync/upload and I noticed it says "Connected, No project" above the console..

    At first I thought the git files could be damaging the project structure, but the git files are not in any of the included file types.
    I'm completely off as to how to deal with this now. Did anyone else experience this? I assume it's probably just something very simple that prevents the pymakr plugin from detecting the right project..


  • @soren OK, So despite the no project, I tried uploading and it behaves really strange. It says "Connected" above the console despite the console saying "Connecting on COM4..." at the same time.. how does that make any sense?

    Here's a snippet of my log:

    Uploading project (main folder)...
    Reading file status

    Failed to connect (Error: Writing to COM port (GetOverlappedResult): Operation aborted). Click here to try again.
    Failed to read project status, uploading all files
    [1/5] Writing file
    Connecting on COM4...

    ** and here it will stay forever, while at the same time displaying "Connected".....

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