Using a single computer to develop on two lopys in parallel

  • Hi,

    I would like to develop two Lopys in parallel (at the same time) on a single computer. E.g. a bluetooth receiver and a bluetooth transmitter. Is there a way to do this on a single Windows 10 machine and the Visual Studio Code plugin?

    Plugin the first Lopy and then the next or using two computer is not a good solution for me ;)

    Kind regards

  • Hi @jmarcelino

    I had already something like your solution in mind, but it would be nice to see the debug messages of booth lopys at the same time on screen ;)

  • @iotgeek
    I do this often, but I don't use the plugins.

    Just have two source trees open on the editor and upload the corresponding files via FTP - you can use an FTP client or in my case my editor does this - to each LoPy as needed.

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