Silly Firmware Mistak - SiPy thinks it's a LoPy

  • so i made a silly mistake when updating the firmware on windows

    I selected lopy instead of sipy and now don't have access to the SiPy methods (network sigfox)

    i have tried the reset method with pin 28 and 3.3v and the os.mkfs(.\flash) method

    everytime i use the pycom firmware tool it download the lopy firmware

    do i have an option to delete the the two non factory firmware versions?
    alternatively can i delete an association the firmware tool is making with the module?
    is there a way to upload a specific version of firmware (windows?)


  • administrators

    For anyone who is reading this... while the method described by @robert-hh works to load the SiPy firmware into the board, it does not perform Sigfox activation which is necessary to connect to the Sigfox network.

    If you have this issue, please do the following:

    Note the MAC address of your board:

    import machine,binascii                                                     

    Email and include the output of the above commands.

    We will respond to your request within 24h on weekdays (often much sooner especially if you write to us during CET working hours).

  • @xykon @robert-hh

    Thank you both for your help :D the board is now running SiPy firmware :D


  • administrators

    @ahaw021 I have received your support request and we're looking to get your device removed from the updater database asap. I will respond to your email when it's done.

  • @robert-hh

    i still get lopy firmware after running the tool

    I read the code and it seems that the devices are registered in a database which is how the tool decides what firmware to apply

    i have reached out to pycom support


  • @ahaw021 you can erase flash completely using, which is embedded in the updater files. Connect G23 to GND, reset the device and run:

    python3 -b 460800 -p <your serial device> erase_flash

    The updater stub itself will not be erased. After that, you should be able to do a fresh update.

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