Connected to wifi but no internet

  • Not sure if anyone can help, i can connect to my wifi with my Lopy without issues but it cannot connect to the internet. I was able to get mqtt publish/subscribe working for a while but now it appears the internet and mqtt(which relies on the internet) is not working.

  • administrators

    Can you please run the following code after connecting to WiFi and post the output?

    import socket
    s = socket.socket()
    print(socket.getaddrinfo('', 13))
    s.connect(socket.getaddrinfo('', 13)[0][-1])

  • Lopy connects to my home router. I can connect to it using the allocated IP address, but it will not connect to the internet. ie mqtt client cannot publish messages to a topic

  • administrators

    Can you provide more details of what exactly isnt working? What errors are you seeing?

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