OSX Pymakr Atom plugin, not seeing lopy

  • Hi,

    I'm on OSX 10.12.6, I removed Apples FTDI drivers, completely, and I've JUST installed the latest D2XX (1.4.4) and VCP driver (2.4.2) from FTDI (rebooted also) as well as the d2xx helper.
    I then updated Pymakr to the latest version 1.2.1, and I STILL have this annoying issue where every time I connect a different lopy (also different expansion board) atom will not see the lopy anymore. A reboot is then required. I'm in a setup where I'm configuring many LoPy's so this is extremely time consuming.

    Did anyone else experience this ?

  • @soren Sorry for the late reply. Atom currently always copies the top option in the list. If there is an actual Pycom serial detected, it will place that one at the top. Anyway, this is just a result of your issue, not the cause.

    So just to be sure, after rebooting your mac, you are able to connect to your device? Then when switching out to a different lopy, the comport disappears from the list of serials, even when closing the connection during the swap? Do you switch expansionboards, or just the lopy? You could even hot-swap your lopy while keeping the expansion board connected, see if that helps.

  • @ralph

    so after a pause from the lopy, coming back - with the absolute same setup - i'm getting this issue again, but this time closing the connection does not make a difference: all pymakr will show me, ever, when showing serials is this:

    Found 3 serialports
    /dev/cu.lpss-serial2 (copied to clipboard)

    why does it pick the lpss-serial2? that port is there also when the lopy is not connected. I've tried different usb cables as well.

  • @soren Really? So after changing to a different expansion board, The 'more > Get serial ports' shows no ports at all? And after switching to a different USB port, does it re-appear again in this list?

  • @ralph hmm even after closing the connection - i got this problem again.

  • @ralph OK, good to know that closing the connection is at least an option. Will save me a lot of time, thank you!

  • Hi @soren. There is indeed a problem with FTDI on mac, that causes the com port to fail whenever you unplug your expansion board while there is an open connection to it. It'll completely disappear from the /dev folder. It's annoying but not much we can do about it, and I'm not sure if changing all the drivers helps (I guess it didn't, seeing you are posting this).

    A thing to keep in mind is to always close the connection (collapsing the pymakr terminal) before disconnecting the device. If you forget it once, you can switch to a different USB port, until you run out of those and you indeed need to reboot.

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