Deepsleep randomly ends

  • Hi
    I have a new SiPy in a expansion board. I have tried this with two different deepsleep modules with same result.

    My code engages deepsleep for 30mins. With this new SiPy though it engages at completely random times, could be 5 mins, 10 mins or 45 mins. It never consistent. The same code on a different SiPy is be fine (i.e the very first SiPy I received several months ago). I have cut the code right back to simply having the deepsleep on in a while loop. Everything else (i.e. WLAN, Bluetooth) is disabled. Firmware is the latest release (I upgraded to ensure this wasnt the issue).

    Any ideas anyone? Any checks I can make?


  • Further to this, I have found even more weird. I simply cannot get this Pycom SiPy device with a deepsleep module attached to wake every 30mins. Its so random.

    @crumble if I needed to fix the floating pins issue, what resistor size would you suggest, and would this be pull up or pulldown? Also what commands in the SW would I need to ensure that P17/P18 doesnt wake the module from deepsleep if I do this? (Assuming of course that these are the only two pins I need to control - P10 is used to communicate with the deepsleep module, but I dont think this needs a pullup / pulldown on my board?)

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • What Im actually finding is that its a POWER_ON_RESET - I have disabled the wake on pin so should this effect it. When the device is in Deepsleep there is a voltage on a lot of pins that I dont expect. For example, the power pin has 0.91V, the 3.3V pin has 1.9V, and a number of the GPIO pins have voltages on them too! These should all be 0V. The only connections are expansion board, to deep sleep module to SiPy. I have the latest version of the deepsleep module so I really dont know.

  • check the deepsleep wake up reason.

    I know only the PyTrack. On this device you have reasons like shaking, button press, ...
    Maybe a floating input pin, which wakes up your system.

  • @bradnz said in Deepsleep randomly ends:

    simply having the deepsleep on in a while loop

    what do you mean deepsleep in loop?
    after deepslip enter board woke up near the same as pressing reset button then no loop needed.


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