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  • Previously when i click on Home link
    on the top was menu with documentation and github link which was really usefull.
    Is this intentionaly removed?

  • @xykon
    i do not worked with nodebb, but if you can change class for forum content
    then for twitter simply add css like this

    div.col-lg-3.col-sm-12 {
        float: right;
        margin-right: -300px;

    this is only one element with this class combination on the page, then style will apply only to this twitter sidebar
    i do not know nodebb but maybe it can generate automatically id for all elements?
    Then life will be much easier ;-)

  • administrators

    I can look into this but the Twitter feed is running as a widget in the "Global Sidebar" of nodebb and I believe I'd have to modify the theme itself to change the way the sidebar is being displayed.

  • @xykon
    Thank you :)

    If i can propose something. Please consider changing:
    twitter div on desktops as

        float: right;
        margin-right: -300px;

    and div with forum content as only

    class="topic col-sm-12"

    instead of current topic col-lg-9 col-sm-12

    result will be - maybe not visible on screenshot but content will be wide as page with twitter pinned on right frame (wider messages content area) - click on image to see it better

    something like on this page where ads are outside of content:

  • administrators

    This is now back... along with the Twitter feed :)

  • administrators

    No it wasn't, I'll keep looking into how to get it back.

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