LoRaWAN Nano Gateway + TNN = Always the same payload from all connected nodes

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    I'm a total LoPy/LoRa n00b, but have succeeded in configuring one LoPy as a nano gateway and three others as OTAA nodes according to the instructions here: https://docs.pycom.io/chapter/tutorials/lopy/lorawan-nano-gateway.html. I even have it connected to TNN and node-red where I can see data coming in from the three different nodes. The problem is that the payload length and content (as seen in TNN and in node-red) from each node is exactly the same even though each node is sending a unique identifier, e.g., s.send(b'ABCD'). I think I'm missing something simple. Any suggestions? (I have in the past couple of weeks updated the four LoPy's to the latest firmware, too.) PS: I'm not sure what to do with the payload formats in the TNN application. 'Custom' is selected but I haven't changed the gray text. The payload size is the same in all cases, 17 bytes. I would expect each payload to be the same size, as each identifier is the same length, but there's only four characters. Hmm...

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  • Did you give every node an unique dev_eui?

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