Easy way to fade the on-board LED?

  • Hi,

    I want to fade the on-board LED from off to full brightness (preferably in a color of choice). Is there an easy way to implement this?

    I want to use a for loop, however I'm not sure how to do that with the HEX value formating for the LED (e.g. from 0x00000 to 0xffffff)


  • @livius

    Thanks! I couldn't figure it out (quite new to python).. Ended up with this:

        def rgb_to_hex(red, green, blue):
            """Return color as #rrggbb for the given color values."""
            return '%02x%02x%02x' % (red, green, blue)
        for i in range(256):
            color = rgb_to_hex(i,i,i)

    This just fades from white to off, removing the '256' fades from off to white.. Probably not the smoothest way to do it, but it works. :)

  • @mahe
    for this puropose you can use HLS color scheme and manipulate brightness
    e.g. use this lib

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