P12 on GPy and FiPy

  • P12 on the PIn-Out of GPy and FiPy is labelled as external antenna switch. Is that real, and if, how is it used? The same statement occured on the PinOut of LoPy, was wrong, and was fixed.
    Besides that, all Pin-Out and the documentation tell, that depending on how long you connect P12 to 3v3 on boot, different version of the firmware will be started. That is true for WiPy 1, but for all other devices, epsecially when using the PyCom updater, just one (1) version of the firmware is present. So this should be deleted, and if something alike is planned to be implemented, eventually supported by changing colors of the nice LED, that can be reinserted later again, maybe telling the proper handling then.

  • @jmarcelino Hi Jose, thanks for the confirmation. What was the reason for moving away from GPIO16 for the antenna switch?

  • Hi @robert-hh,

    Thanks for the observation!

    P12 is in fact connected to the WiFi antenna switch on the GPy/FiPy.

    Setting high selects the uFL port, low (default by pull down) the PCB mounted antenna.

    We're moving the default MISO pin to P14 to avoid problems. This will be reflected in the coming firmware and pin map revision.

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