Lopy with Raspberrypi 3

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a smartpi hat for a raspberrypi with which i am getting the data of power of my home meter. now i want to send this data through lora node to a gateway. Is it possible to connect lopy with a raspberrypi3? Can i send this data to lopy and then is it possible for lopy to send this data to a gateway?


  • @hsn548 Hi

    I am senthamil doing my master's in telecommunication from University of south Australia. In my project progress, I am intended to send an image from raspberry pi 3 to Lopy 4 through WiFi.

    It would be appreciated, if you guide me to send an image from raspberry pi 3 to Lopy 4.

    Thanks in advance!!!!


  • @seb Thanks man..

  • You could make the RPi or LoPy act as a wifi access point but you are correct, using a UART would be better in a remote location because it is much more energy efficient. The LoRa devices do not need internet access, only the LoRaWAN gateways need internet.

  • @seb yeah aou are right, i were wondering what if we are in a remote place where there is no local network but just a lora device :D isnt it a good idea to connect them through uart? and do we need interent connection to make lora working?
    P.S: i am totally new to LORA world..

  • From what I can tell the device connects to the RPi using I2C so you could directly access it from a LoPy, but this may be quite complex. Since the manufacturer provides a rest API you just need to make sure the LoPy and the RPi are connected to the same network and you should be able to access the rest API directly from the LoPy.

  • @seb Thanks for your answer. i really appreciate that.
    SmartPi installs a local server in the RPI and then gives a restApi to get data from a json response.

  • You could connect the LoPy to the RPi via UART, I2C or SPI to send messages between them. The LoPy can only act as a I2C/SPI master currently so the RPi would need to be the salve. Once you've sent the data to the LoPy you can find example code on our documentation about connecting the LoPy to a LoRaWAN network here: https://docs.pycom.io/chapter/tutorials/lopy/lorawan-otaa.html

    I can't find many details about the smartpi but it shouldn't be too difficult to connect it directly to a LoPy without the RPi. Do you know how the smartpi communicates with the RPi?

  • @crumble thank you for the reply. may be someone else can help me about the lora.. :)

  • @hsn548 said in Lopy with Raspberrypi 3:

    Can i send this data to lopy and then is it possible for lopy to send this data to a gateway?

    Yes. There will be multiple way to communicate with your Pi3. You can connect the UARTs, use WiFi or connect them with an USB cable, if you use the expension or sensor board.

    I can't tell you something about the LoRa gateways.

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