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    We are looking to revamp the structure/layout/architecture for our Forum. I for one do not like the way in which it is difficult to go find latest posts, relevant content etc. We have started investigating some new platforms but I would like YOU to give us input. You who use this forum daily (and other forums) will have some great input so please do share!

    If you want to give this one to one then email me

    I want to hear from as many of you as possible so that we bring out a new forum which addresses many of the issues you may be facing.

    Thanks! Fred

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    We could change the default sort order but I'm not sure this would affect existing users. I admit it throws me off too if I'm on the forum but not logged into my account. I'll see if our system admin can do some internal tests.

  • @robert-hh, thanks! Couldn't see the tree for the forest!

  • @peekay123 That's in the "Sort by" selection box over every list of posts.0_1542120501855_sort-by.jpg

  • @robert-hh, I can't seem to find that setting for my account. Do you have a screenshot that might guide me?

  • @frida you can indeed change the sort order in settings (I did), it I would probably make that the default.

    Note that the behaviour is sometimes a bit strange in that order (due to lazy loading), but it mostly works.

    Some recommendations:

    • add dedicated sub-categories or something like that for release announcements for each product, and somehow try to keep them in order.
    • change the rules for post spacing. It’s annoying that even after months of présence and many posts one still has to wait 3 minutes between posts.

  • @tve You can change the order in the setting. I like to have the newest message on top.

  • I'm new here... this must be the only forum I know that has the messages in reverse order! A total PITA if you ask me...

  • @frida I couldn't agree more! It took me some time to understand that when I get to a topic the first message is the OP and then I have to scroll all the way down and start reading from bottom to top. Really weird. At least order by oldest to newest by default, please =D

  • @fred

    • a button too format source code. As a quick fix, place the comand on top of the help page.
    • Pin the thread about the latest firmware versions, so people may not open that many threads for problems with new releases.
    • An optional warning ticker, if we shall not update

  • @Frida - i have upvoted your post - now you can post without delay
    for your particular problem use Sort-by - you can then have post ordered in way as you like

    the forum is not so bad. I seen really bad forums.
    Here you have:

    some improvement needed:

    • bookmark with custom tag or "folder" structure
    • category "mostly bookmarked post"
    • topic state like "solved"
    • button "need attention for admins" - i do not talking about spam messages, and also i do not talk about admins like moderators only dev team
    • have more content width -
    • share "button" - more intuitive way to get link for some post - (not all people know how to copy link to specific post) i do not talk about share with facebook and others only simple link

  • At least change the flow, so we scrool forward, instead of the annoying scroll backward to read the forum, I believe your are the only forum that do so.

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