SiPy : Pin modes blocking SigFox sending??

  • Hello, I am currently working on a project with a SiPy I bought and I am encountering troubles to send a payload via SigFox.
    In my code I am using a lot of pins in IN MODE to get some values and I've heard the SigFox Pins might not be used else they will block the sending (G13, G14 and G15 (or P5, P6, P7)). But even if I don't use those 3 it still seems to not work. Changing the payload also doesn't help so are there any other pins I should not use or is there a possibility to use the pins and reinitialise them so that the sending works again?

    I have no troubles sending payload on an example program without any Pin modifications but on the code I do modifications to the pins I can't send correctly since the program stops right before sending.

    So for me it seems that some Pins are blocking the SigFox communication somehow. If you have any ideas on how, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

  • I just made a mistake with the pins, the one I needed to not change were G12, G13 and G14 and not like mentionned above.

    I'm still interested if I could use those Pins for input and then somehow deinit so that the communication still works.

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