FiPy on Telia Norway LTE-M1

  • Hello, Norway based Telia employee here!

    I just got the GPy and FiPy in the mail today and I am trying to connect to a base station which is M1-enabled for testing purposes. I copied the example from the documentation but it does not seem to work. lte.isconnected() returns False no matter what I try? I saw that LTE.init() takes a cid parameter, should it be set to 1 for all operators except Verizon (that's how I read the documentation)?

    There are some posts about a debug mode where I can see some more information and perhaps AT-commands. How do I enable this?

    There are also some posts about the module needing to be certified with different operators. This has not been a problem for any of the others that I have tried (Ublox, Telit, Quectel, Simcom) and after asking around no one seems to know about us requiring any certification to allow devices in our network.

  • Hi @Albert,

    Thanks for your interest. I've reached out by e-mail because we need to collect some details regarding your network as you're running a test setup - we have no information on what Telia Norway is using for Cat M1.


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