LoPy LoraWan "Not joined yet.." Issue

  • Hello all,

    I have been running into an issue with using LoPy as a Lora Node. Moreover I sat up the configuration exactly per the updated repository with only updating the parameters for my LoPy device per exactly below.

    The device is registered on the internet of things and it showing traffic with the conduit

    The gateway is also showing traffic as in below. I only have one node trying to connect.

    But all im getting on tera term is

    I'm using otaa_node_US915.py version for the node unchanged except for my device parameters: dev_eui, app_app,app_key. Everything else is exactly the same.

    Any help would be much appreciated

  • @az311
    OK thanks, that Payload Data is definitely from one of our examples (the ASCII codes spell "PKT # ..." ) so your node did join and is sending the data correctly.

    It's not a problem to see some "Not joined yet..." messages at the beginning - that's how it works - but they should stop once it joined.

    If you want to see what's happening you can add a message print("Connected!") on line 42 and then and a print("Sent") on 56

  • @jmarcelino Thank you for your feedback. I currently only own two LoPys and I'm sure I'm using OTAA as it says so even on the things network website.

  • @az311
    That Application Data and Gateway Data are from a node which either already joined or is using ABP - you can see that because it already has a Device Address (Dev Addr) assigned.

    If your node shown on Tera Term hasn't joined yet it can't be sending that data.

    Is it possible there is another node also using your dev_eui, app_eui and app_key?

  • @az311 EDIT: I'm using two LoPy one as a gateway and one as a node

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