SD card not recognized in expansion board with LoPy and deepsleep shield

  • I have inserted an 8GB FAT32 formatted SD card into an expansion board and put the deepsleep shield and LoPy on top of that. When i open REPL and do:

    from machine import SD
    sd = SD()

    i get: "OSError: the requested operation failed"

    Any clues to what is going on? The SD Card opens up fine in my Mac.

    I have a sensor attached to pins G11 and G24 on the expansion board. Could this be conflicting on the Uart? The LoPy is on firmware 1.7.9.b1

  • @robin
    UART0 is a bit special - need to look into that myself - but you can easily redefine the UART1 pins (and UART2 unless on the GPy/FiPy)

  • @jmarcelino does this mean you cannot use UART and the SD card?
    I have not been able to use Uart 0 (this interfered with program and REPL execution) nor have i been able to redefine Uart 0 to different pins.

    Is there an example of how to use UART and SD together?

  • Thanks @jmarcelino
    The reference for the expansion board indeed lists this pin as being used by the SD card. Moved my sensor to G4 an G5. Its a pity G11 and G24 are the default Uart pins.

  • @robin
    G11 is definitely connected to the SD card (SD_CMD) so you can't use it for other purposes if you need the SD card working.

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