MQTT: OSError: -1 from line 160, in wait_msg

  • I've searched the forums and this is the closest post to what I'm experiencing:

    This is on a new WiPy 3.0 with default MQTT library. This also happens using the other version from micropython-lib (

    I've tried setting timeout to different values, no luck. This code was working fine on an ESP8266. Thoughts?

    (sysname='WiPy', nodename='WiPy', release='1.11.0.b1', version='3032601 on 2017-12-30', machine='WiPy with ESP32')

    Here's the relevant code:

        # Wait for a single incoming MQTT message and process it.
        # Subscribed messages are delivered to a callback previously
        # set by .set_callback() method. Other (internal) MQTT
        # messages processed internally.
        def wait_msg(self):
            res =
            if res is None:
                return None
            if res == b"":
                raise OSError(-1) # <-- LINE 160
            if res == b"\xd0":  # PINGRESP
                sz =[0]
                assert sz == 0
                return None

    My guess is the socket implementation has a bug - it should return None instead of a zero length bytes object. If that's the case, a quick fix would be to make the check less strict:

     if res is None or res == b"":
                return None

    This seems to work OK... What are the implications for relaxing this check?

  • @semireg We'll have a look to see if there's a bug in the socket implementation.

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