How do I mark code in a post to this forum?

  • I recently submitted a comment in one of the group topics and realised I had no idea how this editor works. I wanted to have a code snippet. The "insert code block" icon is greyed out in the editor, so i can submit code as a picture or text but cannot mark it as code. I wrote my comment and in the preview a small part of my code showed up as code, on a black background with key words coloured! what!

    So it can be done, but I have no idea why one single 'if' loop in my code decide to display as code but the rest was text.

    Also when I hit reply me message goes to the top, just below my original post, not below the last reply in the topic. Why?

  • Thanks, sorry I did not see the "compose" with question mark inside the box. The documentation is pretty clear. I am a member of so many forums and they all have different tools. Wonder if there will be a shake up at some stage to use something like the wiki toolset which does most thinks.

  • @smbunn
    when you edit your post on right top corner, there is the link with help "Compose?"

  • @smbunn Code blocks can be enclosed in three backquotes ( ```), a single marked element in single backquotes (`).

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