• This may be a simple question:
    If I connect a sensor to a serial to usb converter (FTDI serial-to-usb board) and plug that board into the mini-usb port on the WiPy expansion board, which Python module would I use to communicate with it? machine.uart?

  • @livius It features a MAX3421E USB host controller chip and USB-A port. We created this board to communicate with existing serial-over-USB (CDC, or communications device class) devices. Adding support for other USB "drivers" is a matter of understanding the USB endpoints and writing the implementation in MicroPython.

    Update: Check out the First look: USB Host Expansion Board by Semireg

  • @semireg
    What it will be containing?

  • We are building a custom expansion board that will have a USB host port for bringing IOT to ordinary USB devices. If you message me I can keep you updated of our progress. First batch of boards are due to arrive next week.

  • Thank you. That is exactly what I needed to know!

  • @jmpratt None. The reason: The USB port on the expansion board is connected to UART0, which is exclusively used for the REPL. Buit you can make it much simpler. Since your sensor has already a serial port, it can be directly connected to UART1 or UART2 of WiPy. UART1 is be default connecetd to P3 an P4, UART2 must be assigned during initialization. Just take care about 3.3V/5V signal levels. The WiPy expects 3.3V and is not deisgned to be 5V tolerant. If your sensor runs at 5V, you will need level converting.

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