When is the Deep Sleep Shield required?

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    Dear All,

    It seems we are receiving emails from customers not sure as to when the Deep Sleep Shield is required and so I thought it would be prudent to drop a few lines on the topic again.

    The Deep Sleep bug was encountered on the first generation of developer boards and so the shield is required when using the following modules:

    • WiPy 2.0
    • LoPy
    • SiPy (14dBm / 22dBm)

    If you purchased any of the above developer boards and require a Deep Sleep Shield to activate the device into Ultra Low Power mode, then simply ping an email to sales@pycom.io and we will do the necessary. Many of you already have.

    All other Pycom Developer boards and OEM modules are unaffected by this issue and therefore do not require the shield. Ultra Low Power mode is available on the devices straight out of the box. The list of devices therefore that do NOT require the additional shield include:

    • WiPy 3.0
    • LoPy 4.0
    • GPy
    • FiPY
    • W01
    • L01
    • L04
    • GO1

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes

  • @fred said in When is the Deep Sleep Shield required?:

    Ultra Low Power mode is available on the devices straight out of the box.

    It's probably also worth mentioning that it doesn't work...

  • @fred It's probably worth mentioning that if one uses a PySense or PyTrack, the deep sleep shield is not (necessarily) needed either as (most) functionality is already present on those boards.

    Namely, actual ultra-low power deep sleep is possible directly with those, as well as wake up on some specific events. Wake up on pin(s) is a bit more of a problem with those.

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