AT commands for FiPy cellular modem

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if there is a way to send AT commands directly to FiPy NB-IoT module and if there is a manual for it. If I can send some AT commands I might be able to register to my own implemented NB-IoT network (not planning to connect to a mobile carrier).

    If there is no way to do that for now, when should we expect to have access to such configuration ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @jmarcelino Any timeframe on when you'll be releasing the AT command manual?

  • @brotherdust
    We do have hardcoded commands for several things, connection setup, power saving modes, but you'll be able to run your own, for cases where you send an AT command and expect a simple reply.

    Of course you are also welcome to change the source too and build your own perfectly custom firmware.

    Sequans has provided us with a free to distribute - but still extensive - version of the AT command manual, we'll be offering this to you.

  • I can’t answer for Pycom, being just a user here, but I might have some insight into this.
    The AT commands are hard-coded. See

    I did a bit more digging around, thinking I could find the AT commands for the Sequans modem, but it’s behind a login on their website. Alas, haven’t been able to find any apocryphal sources, either.

    If you want to use your own commands, I suspect you’ll have to modify the hard-coded ones and compile your own firmware.

  • Thank you @jmarcelino , I will wait for AT command access for LTE - M then.

  • @panik
    Yes for LTE-M (Cat M1) you should be able to use AT commands to establish socket connections and even do simple HTTP requests.

    We'll have full details on those commands when AT command access is available - should be very soon (1-2 weeks)

    Thanks for the enquiry.

  • @jmarcelino

    Thank you for your fast reply. In regards to LTE-M, would AT commands suffice for UE connection to LTE-M network ?

  • Hi @panik,

    Arbitrary AT commands will be support soon, however the current modem firmware doesn't support NB-IoT, it's LTE Cat M1 only.

    You will be able to switch to NB-IoT firmware through a new upgrade tool. We expect to offer that in February.

    Note that AT commands are not sufficient to establish a NB-IoT connection, for the time being you will need to run PPP to the modem as well - that's handled by our C stack.

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