[beginner] can LoPy work alone

  • Good day
    I am very new and I discover LoPy yesterday. It look to be a great product.

    I surfed a bit and I observed that TracPy or the extend can be used with LoPy.

    But I wonder if it is mandatory.

    Can I program LoPy without those board?
    Or, when LoPy is programmed, can it run without tone of the two board?
    If yes, how could I program LoPy without the header because if LoPy can run without the two board, I do to have the headers.

    Would you know some Howto, step biz step about programming and make a LoRa device.

    I am also interested with the WiFi. Would it possible to program LoPy as a very small web server with only one page? In that way, when people who connect to the WiFi (free and simple acress) they got automatically a very short message (via the web page)and the web page will generate a LoRaWAN package to be sent?

    I would like to get one of this module


  • @pierrot10 Yes, you can use a FTDI cable, or a RasPi. YOu need to connect Tx, Rx and GND. Verify that the output voltage of the adaper is set to 3.3V, since ESP32 input are not 5V tolerant.

  • @livius Hello, thank for your reply. Do you meas, I can use a FTDI cable? And what about a Raspbery instead of a TFDI cable?

  • @pierrot10
    You can program it throught simple USB ttl UART converter
    You can use it alone but if this is Lopy not Lopy4 to achive low current deepsleep you need deepsleep board or pytrack or pysense. Lopy4 do not need above to achive low deepsleep current.

    for simple webpage look at very minimalistic sample

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