Pycom Modules firmware and changelogs suggestion

  • Hello,

    I'm new on pycom modules and I want to drop a suggestion about firmware updates:

    Will be good to keep a log in documentation with actual and past firmwares and their related changelogs for each modules (FiPy, LoPy4...) actually, keeping releases/changelogs on forum is good (because I see sometimes people posts problems with a related firmware) but why not better make that section on docs and refer a forum topic?.

    Also I wanna know about setting up vscode+pymakr (mainly instructions about how to setup code linter as installation and use was straight forware)


  • @seb I wasn't aware of github releases, this is ok for me.

    Regarding vscode, I installed without problems so far, running correctly but pylint is always complaining (although the firmware works).
    I'm new to micropython and don't know if I must download the entire firmware and place it somewhere.. or steps needed to correctly setup my dev environment in order to activate code completion and linter (if both are possible).

  • Hi,

    We have started producing github releases and these feature the change logs and can be found here:

    In regards to VS Code, what do you need help setting up? Have you managed to get pymakr running?

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