• Hello,

    I was using a 2G connection with our SIM cards for the other project but I fear it won't be able to work with the FiPy. Do you know how we could achieve to get internet through LTE-M (or NB-IoT) just to send some payload via MQTT?
    Application countries would be first in Germany but also in Brazil.
    Even if our SIM cards would not work I guess there would be a possibility for Germany since their network is expanding, but I'm quite unsure of Brazil...

    I thought at the beginning that the FiPy would be able to do a simple internet connection via LTE, but I guess I've been wrong there :s

  • I guess we will need to go for SigFox until everything is settled.
    I forgot to mention one question: I saw that AT commands are coming in near time on other posts.
    I didn't see a method in the documentation about how to connect to an APN of the SIM card. So I don't know if this method comes with those AT commands or if there is another solution to it.

    Thanks for your response so far =)

  • @toppert
    We’ll support NB-IoT in Germany soon, but NB-IoT in general - due to its nature - won’t support TCP connections needed for MQTT

    Some carriers do give (better said - you
    must use it) access to NB-IoT data through their IoT cloud server which you can then connect to via MQTT

    On LTE-M (Cat M1) I’m not aware of any specific plans for Germany but really all carriers are considering it at some point

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