How to store data in flash

  • I am modifying the certain parameters at run time via Bluetooth which need to be stored permanently into Lopy module. Please provide method to store data in to flash.

  • You can access files on the device's flash just like you would any other file in python:

    with open("/flash/my_config.json", 'w') as conf_file:
    with open("/flash/my_config.json", 'r') as conf_file:
        my_config_dict =  json.loads(

  • I use JSON file for this. In my application class instance the config is a dictionary. You can call json.dumps() on it and write the result into a file.

    Later you can read the string from the file and call json.loads() on the result to "create" config dictionary.

    Consider NVS if storing integers is all you need.

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