• Micro-python site show following method to get UART interrupt from anther micro-controller.
    UART.irq(trigger, priority=1, handler=None, wake=machine.IDLE)

    I have initialized UART as following:
    uart1 = UART(1,baudrate =9600)
    uart1.irq(uart1.RX_ANY, priority=1, handler=irq_uart1, wake=machine.IDLE)

    Using this with UART gives me error : Object "UART" has no attribute 'irq'

    Does Pycom device supports IRQ method for UART communication.

  • @seb Any news about UART irq ?
    A Pycom board without UART Irq is like a Mercedes without a wheel.
    In 12 months no one in Pycom was been able to do it ?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @seb
    Any news regarding UART interrupt implementation in Pycom MicroPython?

  • Hi,

    This is not something currently supported by our fork of micropython. This feature is on our roadmap but I cannot provide any specific details on when it will be available.

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