LTE Cat M1 unable to connect

  • I'm using this example, but lte.isconnected() (ran after lte.connect()) always returns False.

    I'm using a SIM card from hologram which is supposed to work with US LTE Cat M1 networks.

    Any pointers?

  • I'm not testing in the US but I use these workarounds while we wait for stable SW.

    1. First try it with an IOT sim card from your operator and confirm they have CAT-M coverage in your area
    2. Check the SIM is inserted correctly. The sim-card holder is low cost and may not provide a good connection. In the current firmware, there is no error check on the SIM card so the lte.connect() response will hang without a warning.
      3.Use a better antenna than the one supplied by PyCom. The current firmware does not include any status of the radio link or attach errors. For your initial testing, make sure you are in good coverage - preferably with line-of-sight to your providers antenna. I've found connectivity can be reliable in good RF. ( the CAT-M coverage extension may not be functioning correctly in the current SW ?..)
    3. There appears to be a bug in the current firmware, or sequans chipset. It seems to get locked into a state that will never connect even after soft resets. This may be due to a fault in the band selection. A full power reset is often the only way to achieve a successful lte.connect().

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