Unable to receive 2 information

  • Hi there, i am new to lopy as well. Currently i wish to get the information from 2 (lopy+expansion board) to received by the another (lopy+pytrack board) but i only manage to received only 1 information.

    For Lopy+Pytrack Board (For receiving information)
    0_1518509513927_forum 1.JPG

    For Lopy+Expansion Board (transmit information)
    0_1518509695797_lopy1 forum.JPG

    For Lopy + Expansion Board (Transmit information)
    0_1518509730941_lopy2 forum.JPG

    • i using IF statement but yet i only can received the 1 information instead of 2 information provided the first IF statement is true.
    • i also tried to make it as comment for the either 1 of the receiving 'D' or 'E' it can only show the information that i want. (also displaying 1 information)
    • i also use ELIF statement but it cannot received any things.

    Result :

    1. Running full coding :
      0_1518510982227_reunning full coding.JPG

    2. Running with only Lopy+Expansion (power up for B where only B connected) :

    3. Running with only Lopy+Expansion (power up for C where only C connected) :

    4. Running only C with the "#' of B :

    May i know how can i solve this kind of problem? I have struggle for weeks to try out this and that but still in vain. Thanks in advance. :)

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