wipy 3: antenna setting not working

  • I bought a WiPy for the main purpose of attaching an external antenna. Now it turns out antenna selection does not seem to work. Using the antenna=1 when initializing the WLAN does not give any difference in the output of wlan.antenna(): it always reports 0. Setting it vial wlan.antenna(1) also gives a reported value of 0.

    wlan = WLAN(mode=WLAN.STA, antenna=1)
    print('Antenna', wlan.antenna())

    Does anyone have the same issue?

    Module reports
    MicroPython v1.8.6-849-055728a on 2018-02-13; WiPy with ESP32
    during boot.

  • @seb Ok, Thank you for the prompt reply. Is there any easy way to find the know problems of a certain board and when it is sheduled to be fixed? Will there be an easy way to find the firmware file?
    I would be very helpfull if you could reply here if the new firmware is available and post a direct download link for the firmware file. So people who find this problem in the forum (because they might have the same issue) get the solution right away.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your report, this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next firmware release.

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