Upstream lora library and sx127x driver to MicroPython

  • First off, I would like to congratulate @daniel and the MicroPython folks on collaborating on the ESP32 port and finally getting it merged upstream.

    I would like to understand if there's any intention of merging further work back to the upstream project? In particular, this would be the sx127x hardware driver, the lora library and the lorawan module.

    • From what I understand, there should not be a licensing issue in merging this upstream (all the code has permissive licenses). Would you agree?
    • Is this something you are considering or working on?
    • Is this something you would support if the community pushed for it?
    • Are there technical concerns that would make this infeasible?

  • @jmarcelino, apologies for my ignorance. I did not realize the esp32 port that was just merged into mainline MicroPython is a separate port from yours. I thought I saw Pycom in some of the headers in the MicroPython repository. I won't give up hope then!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @rbu,

    While there has been collaboration, the official MicroPython ESP32 port has been developing separately from Pycom and the two are in some ways incompatible.

    From what I understand there is still interest in combining both ports at some point but we're not at that point yet. Maybe when the ESP-IDF development itself stabilises.

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