LoPy LoRaWan+WiFi+BLE+Eternel standard LTE Modem (PPP LwIp)

  • Hi All,
    i need to use LoPy board with LoRaWan, wifi, ble and a standard lte modem (simcom) 4 wire UART connected to LoPy.
    i chose to write the application using micropython language.
    I'm using LoPy and micropython for the first time and the following is what i've done:
    install xtensa cross compiler: xtensa-esp32-elf-linux64-1.22.0-80-g6c4433a-5.2.0.tar.gz
    install pycom-esp-idf branches master
    install pycom-micropython-sigfox branches
    All compilation stuff are correct and esp-idf hello_world example was successfully loaded on the board and the same for lora application from pycom-micropython-sigfox

    Seams that i can perform config modification for LWIP PPP insertion only under a esp-idf project but in this way how can i use PPP module on the micropython enviroment ? (i expect to use import lwip ...)

    Wath is the correlation between esp-idf and pycom-micropython-sigfox ?

    I have to use only a micropython enviroment and if so why micropython doc require also esp-idf ?

    thanks in advance

  • @jmarcelino

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    I used the LTE module with some modifications to manage standard LTE modem.
    As you probably know pycom-esp-idf LWIP fork is not suitable for PPPOS handling. esp-idf original LWIP work properly.

    Now i'm using UART 2 for external modem LTE and UART 1 for other comunication towards external ST microcontroller.

    I need to start WiFi(AP)/BLE and LoRaWan only on demand (ask to start from a cloud ..). How can i configure the board to start with WiFi,BLE and LoRaWan disabled and activate these functions only when i need ?

    For example "WIFI start on boot" seems a configuration that reside on flash memory (wifi_on_boot = config_get_wifi_on_boot(); in mptask.c...), it is possible to change that flash parameter and store it during flashing phase ?

    Also seams that ble and wifi share the same antenna, i think that is not possible to use both at the same time, right ?

    Thanks a lot

  • @queifaro
    MicroPython is both a separate task and different environment from the purely C based ESP-IDF.

    If you want to use ESP-IDF functionality from MicroPython you need to write interface code. It doesn't happen automatically.

    For LWIP/modem example the easiest is probably to look at https://github.com/pycom/pycom-micropython-sigfox/blob/master/esp32/mods/modlte.c and see how that is implemented.

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