[LoPy on AS923] Channel, DR and other selections required

  • Hello everyone! I am currently living in Asia (Singapore) trying to work on the LoPy at the 923MHz frequecy. Has anyone gotten any success in getting the 923MHz channels up and running? For some odd reason, I cannot connect up to the 923MHz frequency channel. I have gotten success on the 868MHz frequency, but from what I understand, Singapore has regulations on the 868MHz frequency.

    Appreciate any help on attaining any OTAA node related codes if possible for the channels selections (or any other changes that are required, i.e bw, sf, etc)

  • Hello @jmarcelino
    I have currently set up a nano gateway and several nodes (with LoPy) on the 868MHz using the EU868. From what I understand, AS923 is supposed to be used, but there are no strict regulations on the frequencies around 868MHz as of today. It would be better to work on the 923MHz frequency, thus I am currently wondering if anyone has gotten any success on 923MHz, or AS923.

    When I tried to replicate the EU868 to the AS923, I couldn't get the TTN to display any values other than a random value to pop up only once. I was wondering if anyone with success or failures can share their experience.


  • Hi @andrewsng

    Can you describe what you’re trying to connect to? Is this your own gateway?

    Officially Singapore should use AS923 but because there are almost no gateways that support this new region some people use other frequencies. Maybe explain why 868Mhz worked for you.

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