LOPY1.0 with new firmware unable to connect to TTN

  • I have a Lopy 1.0 that has been running fine connecting to a nearby gateway and publishing through The Things Network.
    Then I upgraded to the latest firmware (1.16.0.b1) and I cannot connect anymore.
    I have run the simple OTAA code suggested and have passed the regional setting.
    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN, region=LoRa.AU915)

    Any ideas of how to fault find this problem?

    I have a strong suspicion it is related to the new firmware regional setting. I am in Australia and chose that selection on firmware download, however I have had problems selecting this regional frequency before. Have other users in Australia/New Zealand found the transition OK?

  • anyone reading this.
    please refer to:

    Problem joining TTN in Australia with OTAA using a LoPy 4

    post on the LoPy section of the forum.
    The solution to this issue seems to be to restrict the channels of the AU915 regional settings.

  • please can someone from Pycom respond to this post.

    If this is a known issue with the 1.16.0.b1 firmware, please can you inform the community and let us all revert to something that works, while the bugs get dealt with.

    Also,, repeating my request to those in Australia/NZ region. Has anyone updated their firmware and been able to connect with OTAA? If you have then I know it is my board.

  • @philwilkinson Some of the questions perplexed me, and I had to think about it first of myself.

  • @philwilkinson Unless you modify the sources, wait, or go back to 1.15.0.b1

  • @pistol_bbq . I don't understand a word you have written. What do you suggest i do?

  • SIM test card for internet of things, open SDR LTE platform.

  • @philwilkinson That happens in the EU too. As far as I could tell, it's a timing problem. The receive window in the Firmware is set to 20 ms (actually I've seen a little bit longer times), which is what the standard recommends, but is starts up to 30 ms too early, with a variation of +/- 20ms. Then, the node misses the joins response message. I changed the firmware to extend the receive window to 200ms. Then it works better. But I hope that Pycom will fix that in a more decent way
    Note 1: The standard talks about a timing error of +/- 20µs. The xxPy devices have timing error of at least +/- 20ms.
    Note 2: I had the impression than v1.15.0.b1 works better.

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