Pytrack - External active GPS/GNS antenna UFL request

  • HI,

    I have noticed that the GNS pytrack module takes a while to get a fix compared to other GPS/GNS modules I have. eg. Six mins in one location compared to 90 secs with another module.

    I have no evidence, bar the above, however it would be very hand to have an external aerial UFL connector that can support active antennas. Ie similar to the other modules antenna breakouts.

    I see from page 28 of this PDF ( that active antennas are supported.

    Not only would this help with fixes, but would also help where users want to place the Pytrack in one location and have an antenna in another (better for view of the sky) location.



  • administrators


    Thanks for your suggestion, I have added it to our list of suggestions and should the Pytrack have a new design, im sure this will be considered.

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