[SOLVED] LoPy LoRa general consumption/effiency (code and scope printscreen)

  • I don't have answers to all your questions, but in any case even at the fastest DR, the order of magnitude to send a frame is tens of milliseconds, definitely not micro-seconds (and if you get to the slowest data rates we're talking seconds). If you measure micro-seconds, you're most certainly non-blocking and measuring just the time to queue the frame internally.

    In LoRaWAN mode there's a lot of overhead (preamble, header...) which may imply very little difference on the total transmission time for different data lengths. Not sure about raw LoRa, but you probably still have at least the preamble.

  • @iplooky At DR5, the transmission speed is 5470 bit/s or ~1.5 ms per byte. So whatever happens in 10ms, is not the sending of the message. You should also wait a few seconds between sending attempts.

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