DeepSleep Shield looks like DOA - any other suggestion of what it could be?

  • Pybytes Beta

    Is it possible that some of the deepsleep shield that I received are defective from scratch ? .

    To test the DeepSleep shield, this is what I do :

    • I use always the same expension board + same Lopy ( hence same firmware and application software ), powered via the USB
    • in between , I plug the deepsleep shield I want to test
    • Some works fine ( the LOPY is powered down by the PIC – Led not blinking anymore)
    • Some never goes to deepsleep (( the LOPY is not powered down by the PIC, Led still blinking)

    Have you at pycom ever heard or face this problem with some shield , do you have any other idea for the root cause of the problem?

  • administrators

    @lj We are not aware of any issues with the deep sleep shield.

    Could you please either post the code you are testing or email ?

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