• I have downloaded and installed the newest 'pycom_firmware_update_1.12.0.b0.exe' on my Windows 10 64bit laptop. With this installation I also got 'pycom-fwtool-cli.exe'.
    When after connecting my LoPy4 on its expansion board running the command 'pycom-fwtool-cli.exe list' I get:
    COM4 [USB Serial Port (COM4)] [FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6015+DO0038KYA\0000]

    However all other commands, e.g.;

    • pycom-fwtool-cli.exe -p COM4 chip_id
    • pycom-fwtool-cli.exe -p COM4 wmac
    • pycom-fwtool-cli.exe -p COM4 write
    • pycom-fwtool-cli.exe -p COM4 nvs

    All result in:
    Running in FTDI mode
    Exception: Failed to connect to ESP32: Invalid head of packet ('\xe4'), on line 397

    What is going wrong?

  • @seb
    Yes I meant copying single files.

    I installed mpfshell and this can do the job for me. I did use an FTP toool for this, bud when using the WiFi radio in my app I constntly had to switch between IP addresses.

    Thanks again.

  • @lambert
    Do you mean copying single script files? This tool is lower level than that so currently does not parse the FAT file system but I can pass on the suggestion to the team working on this tool.

    In the meantime I can suggest tools like: mpfshell, rshell or ampy. These are command line tools with similar functionality to Pymakr and let you push and pull files via Serial

  • I expected to have an option to copy a single to/from my pyCom board bud such a command seems not to be present, why is a copy command not provided?

  • Hi Seb,

    Thanks for the (very) fast response!

    Indeed that solved the problem. Looking again to the documentation ( this is stated, but I didn't notice it.

    Tip for the developers: make this requirement more visable in the doc and/or let the tool give this remark as error response!

  • Have you put the module into bootloader mode? You need to connect a jumper cable between G23 and GND on the expansion board, then press the reset button on the Pycom module before running each command.

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