PyMakr with other editors

  • I have tried installing Atom and PyMakr under Windows 10 and I get the Node_Module_Version error:
    I saw that PyMakr was designed to run with several different editors. I also see that there are quite a few posts on my issue, but no resolution. Is there another editor I can use with PyMakr? For instance I use Notepad++. But I will try anything that will work, as I am dead in the water right now.

  • @w0run try Visual Studio Code ( with the PyMakr plugin. Works very well.

  • @w0run You do not need PyMakr at all. You can use any combination of Editor, ftp client and terminal emulator you want. PyMakr tries to bundle that all in a package, which constantly causes trouble, partly because the version of dependencies always change, partly because it hides any issues that may arise. If you use separate tools, that may look a little bit rough, but you know at any time what happens.
    if you use for instance FileZilla or FireFTP as ftp client, you can configure these to call the editor once you double-click on a file. Notepad++ has a ftp plug-in, but that does not match to the ftp server of the xxPy devices.

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