GPIO Pins free on Gpy and Pytrack

  • Hi,

    What pins are free on a GPY/Pytrack combo. I want to use the GPS, SD Card and Battery reading only.

    Is pin P4 SC_CMD and P8 SD_DAT useable when using the SD card on a Pytrack?

    It would be good to have a list of "free ports" for us with GPIO.

    For example with the GPY and Pytrack it seems that only the following pins are free; P9-P11and P15-P20.

    Whilst on the Fipy and Pytrack combo it would be; P9-P11 and P16 only.

    Also is Pin P2 free to use for input (ie monitoring a switch? It looks like it is connected to the RGB_LED

  • @seb it looks like the pytrack button wakes the board only if you enable the accel wake up. Since I disabled the accel wake up the button does not wake up anymore.
    Can anyone can confirm this ?

  • @gregcope

    1. The interrupt wake is on p13.

    2. The pytrack button P14 is also connected to MCLR of the PIC, when the pic resets by pressing of this button it will give the PUSH_BUTTON wake reason.

    3. You can absolutely connect another button. you just need a button between P14 and 'GND'

  • @seb thanks.

    Still confused on what pins I can use for a switch (interrupt/and pycom sleep wake) or power a DS18B20 only when awake.

    For example;

    pytrack wake reasons



    What pins are they connected to?

    Also, is the Pytrack Button pin (P14) on a PIC interrupt? Could I connect an exterior button/switch to that and have two switches do the same thing?

  • Many thanks.

  • @gregcope

    The soon to be published improved datasheets will have a detailed explanation of the pins on each module and what they are used for but for now let me list what things are connected to in your case:

    p0 - Programming
    p1 - Programming
    p2 - On-board LED, this might be usable in some situations but its not recommended
    p3 - PWR_EN, when pulled LOW, the pytrack will disconnect the GPy's power
    p4 - SD card CMD
    p5 - cellular modem
    p6 - cellular modem
    p7 - cellular modem
    p8 - SD card DAT0
    p9 - free
    p10 - free
    p11 - free
    p12 - external/on-board wifi/bt antenna switch. If you dont use either of these and disable them you can use this pin. When held high during boot it will also cause a safe boot so its use is limited.
    p13 - input only, interrupt pin from Pytrack
    p14 - input only, Pytrack on-board button
    p15 - input only
    p16 - input only
    p17 - input only
    p18 - input only
    p19 - free
    p20 - free
    p21 - Pytrack SCL
    p22 - Pytrack SDA
    p23 - SD card clk

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