ssh to rpi compute module 3 over wifi using FiPy

  • Hello Team,

    I am new to PYCOM modules & even RaspberryPi, recently we bought RPI compute module 3 , IO board and FiPy development module. I want to send the data from RPI compute module 3 to sever but compute module 3 do not have wifi, so am trying to use FiPy module as wifi bridge between server and compute module 3. So I am trying to access rpi compute module 3 over wifi using FiPy.

    By google search i got results that we need to connect FiPy to compute module 3 over serial and can access it over ssh. But am not able to do it. Can you please guide me with this further how to do it.

    Help will be appreciated.
    Thank You

  • @seb
    Thank you for your reply, YES true that compute module does not have wifi or BT , so only we go with UART connection, and i have connected the fipy and RPI compute module via UART. But how shall ssh to RPI compute module and access the RPI file structure.

    After the serial connection now i want to send data within the RPI compute module to server. How to do this??

    Thank You

  • @nash

    Since the compute module does not have wifi or BT the only way you can connect directly between a fipy and a RPI compute module will be via UART. On the fipy side you can see the UART documentation here:

    On the RPI side I recommend checking out the pyserial python library:

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