LTE-M1 in Canada

  • Bell Canada indicated in 2017 that they would be deploying LTE-M1 in Canada some time in 2018. The only information I have been able to find on their site indicates that this is a commercial deployment (enterprise only) via a 3rd party partner. I left a message on their generic query form asking if they would be making LTE-M1 available to makers and smaller businesses and have yet to receive any response. Very disappointing since LoraWan is only (seemingly) available commercially as well.

    Does anyone have more (Canadian) information to share?

  • @gldoug

    I've likewise been disappointed at the lack of information on connecting to Canadian cell networks.

    I'm a project manager looking at purchasing a FiPy for evaluation purposes. This would be our first cellular IOT project. I'm in Calgary, Alberta and looking to deploy for industrial use in British Columbia. By "sort out the requirements", which requirements are you speaking of? I presume you are talking about communicating with the carrier, is this correct? And how did you contact them? Did you need to purchase a SIM card? If so, from who?


  • Replying to this old post, because I just received my pycom in Edmonton, Alberta... Took a day or two to sort out all the requirements, but my Pycom Fipy is connected to the Telus LPWA (LTE Cat M1) I'm scanning bands 4 and 13.

  • Hi @peekay123

    We have nothing to add regarding Canada at the moment but keep asking them, most carriers - especially large ones - will be deploying either Cat M1 or NB-IoT at some point this year.

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