Lora Nano-Gateway unstable

  • Hi there, i am using the example in documentation https://docs.pycom.io/chapter/tutorials/lora/lora-mac-nano-gateway.html and i have add in some code for my application. I have 1gateway and 2 node which is Device 1 and Device 2 where they will send the message including : " Device 1, rssi value and snr value " for Device 1 and Device 2 "Device2, rssi value, snr value" over the gateway.

    Lopy1 --------------> Gateway <--------------Lopy2

    But i observed at the Gateway , at first Device 1 and Device 2 is received information but after sometimes Device 2 disappear and continue with Device 1 information until i have to press the reset button on the Device 2 then it reappear again on the Gateway. And this situation is vice versa for both Device.

    May i know how does this happen ? And what is solution to solve this kind of problem? Thank you.

  • @robert-hh It quite often happen when 2 devices are active.

  • @mj if the blue heartbeat LED stops, then the device can be in a lock situation, where it waits busy for something top happen. A hard reset would usually bring back the blue LED.
    Does that also happen when just that device is active, or when two devices are active?

  • @robert-hh The node will send the message to gateway anytime the same goes to another node. The another message from the another node is like sending quite few times then it stop sending and the blue light of LED is not blinking anymore until reset button is being press.

  • @mj It could have a lot of reasons, hardwrae & software. The firmware should be OK. The latest release should be pretty stable. If you can sort out power issues, like @bmarkus mentioned, then the reason is most likely your code. Do your nodes simply send messages, or is there a two way communication going on. In the latter case, is your protocol robust to lost messages?
    And if they send messages only, could it be that they try to send both at the same time, in which case one message gets lost.

  • @bmarkus @robert-hh I tried using both node and gateway power up using laptop and Device 1 keep sending while Device 2 is unstable. May i know what problem is it?

  • @mj Power banks are not suitable for low power devices, simply they turn off after a timeout. Use LiPo battery, do not use power bank.

  • @robert-hh Device 1 and Device 2 is currently power up by power bank while Gateway is from the laptop where i can observe the information straight away. At first it received both device and after sometimes it just have either 1 device only.

  • @mj When that happens, do you know whther device 2 is still sending? So is it aproblem of the sender of the receiver?
    How are the two devicse set-up. Do they send data at regular intervals or just on demand?

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