Externally Power LoPy

  • Hi! I am new to the micropython environment. I am trying to connect my LoPy with a portable battery using a Micro USB. I notice that it stops connecting to the gateway when I do that. If I plug it back to my laptop and run the file on PyMakr it works perfectly fine.Any reason behind this? Thanks!

  • Thanks for the replies! @robert-hh It might be that the program is not burnt onto my LoPy. I ran the uos command and this is what I got:

    ['main.py', 'sys', 'lib', 'cert', 'boot.py']

  • @tyteo Besides that fact, that powering through USB might not be the most effective solution, it should work. Please check, that the scripts you want to run are really copied to the LoPy. You may do so in the REPL prompt and issue the commands:

    import uos

    Does really the script stop, but Lopy works? An indication for the latter is the blue heartbeat of the RGB LED.

  • @tyteo It is not recommended to use USB batteries for several reasons, including a higher current draw and possible limits of the battery.

    If you need to run on battery, you should consider using a LiPo battery connected directly to the JST-PH-2 connector on the expansion board, Pysense or Pytrack...

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