LTE-M on 800MHz?

  • Does the current FiPy firmware support LTE-M in the 800MHz band?

  • Hi @jmarcelino ,

    I'm interested since you're specifically asking about supporting KPN. I'm trying to get LTE-M to work on a KPN network, but am unable to do so. Just after the attach() call I can execute AT+COPS=?, and after a long time (30s?) it'll show KPN. However, directly after it'll give a +CEREG: 4 (= unknown (e.g. out of E-UTRAN coverage)). After that it's unable to find any networks when using AT+COPS=?.

    If you managed to get KPN to work, I'd love to hear what AT commands you used.

  • Hi @kersing,

    There isn't proper support for Band 20 yet, we need to add the band manually via AT commands and maybe some more things.

    Is this to support KPN? Our team in Eindhoven is already testing it, hopefully we'll have it soon.

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