Unable to change WiFi mode: 802.11g/n

  • Hi
    When I start the WiFi on my FiPy module in access point mode, the default mode is 802.11g/n which I found by scanning the network details with a PC. How can I change that?

    I can find this from https://github.com/pycom/pycom-esp-idf/blob/master/components/esp32/include/esp_wifi_types.h:

    #define WIFI_PROTOCOL_11B         1
    #define WIFI_PROTOCOL_11G         2
    #define WIFI_PROTOCOL_11N         4
    #define WIFI_PROTOCOL_LR          8

    Actually I want to set WIFI_PROTOCOL_LR as the protocol for WiFi. I need to enable the long range communication using WiFi. Now I am only getting about 20m range for WiFi using my FiPy module.

    I can only find this from the docs:
    wlan.init(mode, * , ssid=None, auth=None, channel=1, antenna=None, power_save=False)
    mode can be either WLAN.STA, WLAN.AP or WLAN.STA_AP.

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